Shop Visits: Edmonds Family

Kenji, a good friend and supporter of Deluxe Cycles stopped by to check up on the progress of his No. 22 Broken Arrow build. He happened to roll through with his son Enzo, his daughter Akira and his father Ellis.

Kenji always has snacks.
Akira specifically asked for an upside down picture


…..When Tijon doesn’t have an answer for Akira
Enzo, future track stand champ
Kenji anxious to see his new No 22. up and running
Akira making sure Tijon isn’t messing up her dad’s front tri-spoke

Affinity Anthem Launch

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The Affinitiy Anthem frameset, the newest  Affinity Cycle release. This new sleek and stiff design is the product of a five man team. With all materials sourced from within the United States, hand-built and painted in Brooklyn, New York.



_DSC0740 _DSC0748 _DSC0743_DSC0750



Jason Gallacher , owner of Affinity Cycles and proprietary designer of the Anthem frame teamed up with Tom LeMarch and Thomas Callahan of Horse fabrications, based out of  Brooklyn to bring the design to life.  The high quality paint job wonderfully executed by Ben Falcon Paint Works. Each frame including a quill seat topper designed and engineered by Aaron Panone of 44rn.

Check out The Affinity Anthem page for more detailed pictures and specs.


20160324-_DSC9600-71 20160324-_DSC9641-82 20160324-_DSC9625-76 20160324-_DSC9611-74 20160324-_DSC9575-61 20160324-_DSC9549-56 20160324-_DSC9550-58 20160324-_DSC9544-54 20160324-_DSC9543-52 20160324-_DSC9538-46 20160324-_DSC9499-27 20160324-_DSC9461-13 20160324-_DSC9449-3 20160324-_DSC9437-2 20160324-_DSC9453-7 20160324-_DSC9474-22


Deluxe Cycles served as a showcase platform to reveal the Anthem to the public. An open-house event held on April 1st took place allowing people to come in and see the final production and meet the team behind the Anthem project.


godandfamous_deluxe_affinity_4 (1) godandfamous_deluxe_affinity_5 (1) godandfamous_deluxe_affinity_6

_DSC0061 _DSC0097 _DSC0094 _DSC0117 _DSC0113 _DSC0049 _DSC0057


If you’re looking to order a frame, click here.