Shawn’s LOOK 564

Look has been on the market since 1984 introducing the clipless pedals then the first carbon frame in 1986 and then in 1991 the first monobloc track bike was made. Since then they have been perfecting aerodynamic and using high modulus “high-end” carbon to improve stiffness and lightness.
Shawn came to us last week to have his LOOK 564 build. The build consisted of ZIPP 404 rear and Zipp 303 front laced to Philwood hubs, ZIPP sprint stem, and Fizik Volta R3 saddle. At every angle this frame carry out its history of cycling, it is a classic and a race machine.

Wilis’ Schwinn Tri-Wheeler

This is not an performance bike but brought back memories of a time when Wilis’ grandmother had the similar bike that carried him around. He purchased this because it reminded him of  his childhood and the times spent they had spent together.

This trike is a has a two speed internal nondrive-side hub that engages with a simple kick-back of the pedals. It also has a parking brake feature built into the brake lever.



Wilis’ Colnago Track

Wilis was at a fixed gear road race in Italy when he met someone who had this bike built up as a townie; front rack and everything. Wilis offered his old No. 22 Great Divide as a frame swap and the deal was made. It had been his dream bike since he was 19. After moving all the parts over from his Daccordi and rebuilding the wheels to sheriff star hubs, it was done. The gilco tubing shines bright with the patented  Ferrari red finish. Built with a collection of Italian components from Campy and Cinelli, it doesn’t get classier than this.