LOW// SS Crit at The North Face

Andrew from LOW// recently put one of his bikes in the SF North Face shop and they decided they wanted another one in their new NYC flagship location. Being the only LOW// dealer in NYC, Andrew connected them with us and in no time we had one built up and on display!

We’re honored to be working with such outstanding American companies. Thank you LOW// and The North Face for the opportunity.

NACCC 2016

0001_46 0001_64The North American Cycle Courier Championship, (NACCC) is an intense messenger race of a work simulation course. The course involves knowing your streets, speed, package control, and on the side events they skids, sprints, track stands, and etc. We were honored to hold part of the event here at Deluxe Cycles, we had art work hung and photos that was taken from the past years on display and reminiscing past memories.