Wilis at Masters Nats Track

Wilis went down to the Rockhill Giordana velodrome in SC for masters track cycling nationals! Yesterday was the Individual pursuit event, a 3k of all out enduro suffering with a full track time-trial set up. Wilis popped a 3:58 which landed him on the podium with 3rd place! 

We’re super proud to have him tearing it up at a national level racing event. Way to kill it!

Deluxe Cycles Racing the Midwest Challenge at MTV!

Mark and BJ tore it up at the Major Taylor Velodrome last weekend during the midwest challenge race series! BJ placed third in the Kilo, Mark got 6th, and the two teamed up with Matthew from Star Trak to take on the team sprint and won it! 

A few friends of the shop were there including Matthew and Erin who races for Affinity. Great to see you guys! 

Here’s a video Mark took of BJ taking a match sprint! 

Racing at the Milton Cycling Center

The Deluxe track squad got to race over in Milton this past March. Evan, BJ, Mark, and Wilis all drove up to compete. Coach Gibby was there to provide advice and inspiration. Evan wound up placing third in the Match Sprint finals, and the team took fourth in the Team Pursuit event. 

Keith from the Deluxe road team drove up as well and took some brilliant photos. Thanks for hanging out and capturing the magic, Keith!

Deluxe Cycles Racing Weekend!

This past weekend was full of racing for us. Wilis raced the fixed gear Wards Island Crit and podiumed with 3rd place! Simon, Keith, AC, and Wilis all raced the Harlem Skyscraper Crit, but unfortunately, the pace motorcycle stalled and Keith, Simon, and AC went down- AC took a bad spill that sent him to the hospital. Sending lots of healing vibes your way AC! 

Here are some photos from the Wards Island Crit thanks to @OnTheBlockWithSoho

Welcoming Ritchey to the Shop!

Here at the shop, we appreciate good American companies that produce high quality bikes at affordable prices without skimping, and Ritchey fits the bill. We’re beyond humbled to introduce Ritchey to the shop as we begin to stock up on their frames and completes! 

Tom Ritchey has been making and improving bikes since he was a teenager in the 1970’s and continues to put in thousands of miles a year all over the world today while still acting as president and lead designer for the company. 

We also have an arrangement of Ritchey components in the shop including saddles, handlebars, seatposts, and stem- and of course, we can order anything we don’t have in stock! Check out their website here