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Torey’s Broken Arrow

If you don’t know Torey, this bike is a bit of a clue as to who he is. Check out this No. 22 Broken Arrow  built beautifully and personally with a Thomson cockpit and Salsa off-road drop bars, Sram CX1 brakes and derailers and Praxis Turn cranks! Given Torey’s talents in fixed gear freestyle we’re expecting this bike will see a lot of fun rides off-road.

Peep this video of Torey ripping it on fixed gear free style!

Providence Cyclocross

The first weekend in October brings the beginning of fall weather and one of the best cyclocross races of the year: Providence. The course proves to be one of the best year after year, using the unique landscape of the park to their advantage with many technical features, elevation changes, and flyovers.


The race is set in beautiful Roger Williams Park. The expansive park has many beautiful architectural features such as a hall of music, a botanic garden, and more.


Jeremy Powers lines up for the start of the Mens Elite race. Spectators swoon at the stars and stripes of his national jersey.


My money was on Stephen Hyde – I told him this as he lined up for the start of the mens elite race next to Jeremy Powers.

There was a steep run-up feature on the back section of the course. The field was separated rapidly and a battle between Powers and Hyde ensued.


Spectators were sprinting between sections of the course to not miss any part of the action. The crowds at the larger races are devoted fans of the sport.


The No. 22 Broken Arrow. The No. 22 Cyclocross Team made an appearance at the races over the Weekend.


They say dogs look a lot like their owners. Check out the Gallery Below for more photos from the weekend.

Jesse’s Wraith Paycheck

It didn’t take long for the guys at Deluxe to convince Jesse to buy this bike.  Built with the Sram CX1 group this Wraith Paycheck is ready for some trails and races. Being one of the last Igleheart built Wraiths makes it extra special. A Whisky bottle cage to match the painted Whisky fork for style points and the first set of Deluxe disc hubs laced to HED Belgium+ hoops will make for unparalleled cornering.

No. 22 Broken Arrow & The Shawangunks

Two weekends were spent in New Paltz just a short ways up the mighty hudson river via original New York Central Lines. Poughkeepsie is accessible by rail from Grand Central Terminal, which puts you within striking distance of the Shawangunk Mountain range: the northernmost, and tallest, section of the appalachain mountains that span the northeast region of the US.


I’ve been coming to new paltz since i was a child. Countless family visits and holidays spent together in hudson valley – and always with the backdrop of Mohonk Mountain and its beacon lit watchtower peak. The ridge jets radically upward as if reaching for the sky, with a straight vertical bedrock face – this is the New Paltz i’ve known all my life.

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The bike was right there with me, every step of the way. The second you commit to something, it’s incredibly reactive. The Broken Arrow provides a new level of confidence and control. The combination of the bicycles geometry, the dampening frequency of titanium as a frame material, and the careful selection of tubes to maximize stiffness, compliance, and efficiency/power transfer create a ride quality that simply wants to follow your every movement and propel you forwards. What would have been nearly impossible, or felt sketchy on other bikes i’ve ridden, was in absolute control on the Broken Arrow. I wouldn’t be writing this if i wasn’t truly impressed.

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