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God and Famous “DOOMSDAY”

The idea and inspiration for the “Doomsday kit” surrounds the by the God and Famous’ theme; Pain. In one particular incident was when Kenny was side swiped by a truck during a road ride to Philly and was completely taken out. He suffered serious contusions and fractured his collar bone. If you look closer at the top left on the jersey you will see two lines representing the broken collar bone. 

The “Idiocracy Jersey” was made to start conversations, it is an anti-trump jersey. With elections so close we should really see how we can really make America great again. This jersey is consists of the nostalgic 90’s icons, and are all a nod to when America was great. A portion of the sale will be donated to the Democratic National Committee to ensure Idiocracy remains a fictional film and to un-support Donald Trump. 

During the event we had our mechanic “Sweet Honey Baby Tijon” wrapping the newly released Doomsday theme ash to ash bartape. Over all this was a very successful event looking forward to work with you again!!

On October 28, 2016, God and Famous held an event with us “Doomsday.” He released a few things a Doomsday Kit, an Idiocracy  jersey, bartape, and a “L8R” jacket and socks.

Affinity Anthem Launch

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The Affinitiy Anthem frameset, the newest  Affinity Cycle release. This new sleek and stiff design is the product of a five man team. With all materials sourced from within the United States, hand-built and painted in Brooklyn, New York.



_DSC0740 _DSC0748 _DSC0743_DSC0750



Jason Gallacher , owner of Affinity Cycles and proprietary designer of the Anthem frame teamed up with Tom LeMarch and Thomas Callahan of Horse fabrications, based out of  Brooklyn to bring the design to life.  The high quality paint job wonderfully executed by Ben Falcon Paint Works. Each frame including a quill seat topper designed and engineered by Aaron Panone of 44rn.

Check out The Affinity Anthem page for more detailed pictures and specs.


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Deluxe Cycles served as a showcase platform to reveal the Anthem to the public. An open-house event held on April 1st took place allowing people to come in and see the final production and meet the team behind the Anthem project.


godandfamous_deluxe_affinity_4 (1) godandfamous_deluxe_affinity_5 (1) godandfamous_deluxe_affinity_6

_DSC0061 _DSC0097 _DSC0094 _DSC0117 _DSC0113 _DSC0049 _DSC0057


If you’re looking to order a frame, click here.

Deluxe Cycles Shop Visit – The Radavist

John over at The Radavist featured us in his reportage on shop visits. Head over there to get the full scoop!

Deluxe was born from the experience of the mechanics and riders who work in the shop. The business itself is built around building deeper, more intimate relationships with the customers, the suppliers, and everyone down the line. Every bit of the shop has more effort and thought put into it: The focus here is quality over quantity. Being confined to a studio space improves the quality of the work and attention to detail of what is being produced – this is possible without the distraction of the storefront and what that entails. You walk into Deluxe and you realize how intimate the space is. Located in Bed-Stuy in Brooklyn, the lofty studio feels more like someones living room than a traditional bike shop.


Continue reading Deluxe Cycles Shop Visit – The Radavist

Brian Does Custom Fitting

Brian is Serotta certified in proper bicycle fit procedures. If you’re serious about riding – getting fit properly on your bikes is key. From overall comfort on longer rides, to gauging the proper lengths of the bike to your own personal flexibility. A custom fit on the bike provides increased comfort, and helps prevent injury in the long run.

Wilis recently got fit on his road bike and cyclocross bikes by Brian and couldn’t be happier.

Give Deluxe a call if you’re interested in getting fit!

Deluxe Weekly Shop Ride No.1

The group ride we had last wednesday was a blast. Great people, great vibes. From the shop, down to red hook and then to coney island. Cyclone ride was Mandatory of course!

Check out this video from Cordell at @stayalivenyc


Join us again tomorrow for the weekly hump day ride. This week, bring your cross bike or mountain bike – we’re headed to the trails at cunningham!
Meet at Deluxe Cycles – 544 Park Ave #201, Brooklyn, NY
5PM meet 6PM roll out.