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More Ti Stems & New Deluxe Ti Compact Drop Handlebars

We just restocked on our ti stems! We now have available 90-130mm available. Check them out here!

Say hello to the all-new compact road drop handlebar! People loved the classic bend a lot, but some of you had asked for something a little more modern, so here it is! With a 31.8 clamp and plenty of clamping room for aero bars, these bars will fit anyone’sĀ needs. Purchase here!


75mm of reach

140mm of drop

Available in 40cm, and 44cm. 42cm on the way!


Deluxe X Giro Synthe Helmets

We’re humbled beyond words to be working with Giro on helmets. Giro graciously gave us their time and resources to work with us on making helmets for our race team and we couldn’t be more excited about how they came out.

Giro has been innovating and changing the cycling industry for the past 32 years, constantly pushing the boundaries and developing lighter, faster and safer helmets. We chose the Synthe because of its phenomenal ability to have top-tier ventilation and aerodynamics without compromising on weight. 




Taylor Just Got Some New Deluxe Wheels

Taylor’s a long time friend of the shop and we couldn’t be more stoked to get him rolling on some Deluxe wheels! Here’s a set of shots of his Focus with the new hoops. The Deluxe 25mm carbon road wheels are perfect for any lightweight build and that’s exactly what he was looking for.  Taylor’s a road racer who is also a talented street photographer- check out some of his work on his instagram! 

Affinity’s Review of Deluxe Carbon Rims

Jason from Affinity wrote up a nice review of our 80mm track rims laced to the new Phil Wood Pro Track Hubs. Jason mentioned a few key points about our rims that make them what they are. 

These rims are wide! A feature you’re going to start seeing a lot more of in this modern day of racing. It’s scientifically proven (over and over again) that wider rims with wider tires are just simply faster.  We recommend 23c tires on our 23cm wide tubular rims to get a perfect aero profile. 

Something else Jason mentioned is how stiff these rims are. When we designed these rims we wanted a true track ready rim.  As he said, you can pinch the walls of this rim and really feel it’s strength. We wanted something that could handle the burliest sprinter’s 2500w efforts. So naturally, we didn’t even consider low spoke count options; we went straight for 28h.  

Our rims are available in 25, 35, 45, and 55mm depths with 80 available for special order!  

Check out Jason’s original post here

Welcoming Ritchey to the Shop!

Here at the shop, we appreciate good American companies that produce high quality bikes at affordable prices without skimping, and Ritchey fits the bill. We’re beyond humbled to introduce Ritchey to the shop as we begin to stock up on their frames and completes! 

Tom Ritchey has been making and improving bikes since he was a teenager in the 1970’s and continues to put in thousands of miles a year all over the world today while still acting as president and lead designer for the company. 

We also have an arrangement of Ritchey components in the shop including saddles, handlebars, seatposts, and stem- and of course, we can order anything we don’t have in stock! Check out their website here