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Race Report: Something Wicked – Six Hours of Cathedral Pines MTB Race

The day started early.

After a rough night of sleep, Wilis and Amir – along with newest addition to the Deluxe team, Richard, girlfriend, Sidnee, and lovely dame, Rosie the French Bulldog, all embarked on a cold, damp, muddy trip.

Standing tall, Rosie in all of her glory!

Deluxe closed shop doors for the day to attend a quite gnarly mountain bike race over at the Cathedral Pines trail system, located a hour and a half drive from Brooklyn, out deep in Long Island, NY.

The 6 hour event, hosted by organizers Something Wicked, consisted of a 10 mile loop that was very fast, serpentine, tight, hard-packed single track, with minimal elevation change. The organizers offered the event in several catagories: Solo (in A, B, and C categories, both for Male and Female), Duo Relay4-Person RelaySinglespeed, and Fat Bike. The event sold out at the 300 person cap.

A mass start race of 300 people was a little cramped. Despite having been almost crashed out twice at the prologue, Amir moved up to a decent position.
#1 in our hearts.

For us, Duo Relay was the name of the game and not bonking out was our claim to fame. We went into the race with a chill mentality: just have fun and make it out alive. On that day, Richard blessed us with his mechanical prowess, tended to the field with neutral support. Sidnee and Rosie provided us with good vibes and kindred spirits.

We busted out our signature weapons. Wilis undusted his No22 Old King, built up with a Carbon Lefty, Enve wheels, full Thomson cockpit, complete with Ti Thomson straight bars, and a SRAM XX1 groupset.

Singletrack trails are a commonplace for Wilis so he is all too familiar with races similar to this one. A few months ago, he and a few friends rode D2R2, a 180K gravel ride thats loops through the Green Mountain range in the Appalachians. At the end of the day, Wilis is a seasoned Cat 1 XC racer, and although he won’t admit it, can shred on the trails with one arm and his eyes closed.

“My body is telling me no. My my mind, my mind, is telling me yes~”

Amir on the other hand… He’s quite new. He had participated in a handful of track and cross races this past season but had never raced a MTB race before! However, he frequents local trails and is slowly learning the Art of Sending It.

Amir rode his freshly built Ritchey P-29, accompanied by a Rockshox SID fork, KS LEV dropper post, mismatched Mavic/Enve wheels, Deluxe Ti Integrated Bar/Stem combo, and the new 12-speed  SRAM XX1 Eagle. 

 All went swell with the race, and at the end of it all, the Deluxe boys took home 7th place in the Duo Relay event. Lots of fun was had. Chili and cold pizza was served at the end for the racers and we shortly after embarked on our trek back to the city. See more of the experience below.

GAME FACE! Amir chasing the wheel of a highschool kid twice as strong as he ever could be.
Smile to keep from crying.
Wilis with his stylish No22 Factory Racing kit from his Elite CX days.

Thanks for tuning in! You’ll catch us next at Rainey Park CX coming up in December.

RHC in Barcelona 2017

Red Hook Crit Barcelona 2017 was one for the books.

The experience started off with some scene exploring with David Ramirez, a friend of the shop, general gnar shredder, fellow NYC inhabitant, and racer for Chari & Co. They did some fixed gear riding along the coastline. Fair to say they got their share of beautiful views! 

Race officials held an open track day at the local 250m track, which was recently given a fresh resurfacing and hosted a few for-fun races as a pre-RHC appetizer to get everyone stoked and warmed up. 

Wilis, along with Affinity racers Ash Duban, and Emi Beaudoin, had a little fun with Björn and had a little mini photo shoot. Special thanks to Björn Lexius for all the photos at the track and RHC! 

Come race day, tensions were high as the course was very technical and consisted of lots of tight turns, chicanes, and hairpins. With a lot of crashes in the qualifiers, Wilis was forced into the last chance race trying to avoid any chaos. As expected, there were more crashes in the last chance. Amongst the turmoil in the field, Wilis didn’t quite manage the right gearing and went too light. Overall, he placed top 20. Great job, yet again to David Trimble for designing an incredible course! 

We’re beyond proud to be a sponsor for the athletes on the Affinity crit team, especially as Ash won the race on our wheels! We can’t wait to see what else these women can do at the next crit. Photos by our friends at MASH SF.

After the racing, there was a rager of an after party. There were accounts of the seamen taking their yachts into the harbor to join the party. It had been a while since Wilis partied hard, partially because of a busy season here at the shop and also because of a tasking racing season. It eventually caught up to him a bit that night when, after the party, he hopped on his bike and took spill going down a hill. He’s now on the mend with a broken clavicle; his first broken bone! 

Wilis would like to personally thank a few people who helped him out the night of his accident. Alonzo, Alvin, Justin, and Dominican Chris. You guys really came through and helped out big time. Thank you!    

2017 Track NY State Championships

Things weren’t looking good when the normal race promoter announced he wasn’t going to throw state championships this year. So naturally, Mark stepped in for the community and threw the race himself! After countless stressful hours working out a two-day schedule, working on funding, hiring EMTs and officials, everything worked out. 

The Deluxe boys went out to represent and slay at states this year. Mark himself not only threw states, but won the sprint omnium! Day 1 was all sprints. Mark, won the Keirin final, had the fastest Kilo time with an impressive time (for Kissena) of 1:13.46, and took fourth in the match sprints. 

Nick and Jesse raced in the endurance omnium, but didn’t manage to place well after a long successful season. Mark, Nick, Jesse, and Billy from Star Track Elite all competed together as teammates in the team pursuit and managed to snag home the gold by just 0.2 seconds!   

A big thank you to Mark for not only making states a reality, but especially for being one of the best team players we know. This season was long, brutal, and hard, but we all came out of it having met or exceeded goals, having had a lot of fun, and making new friends, and that’s what it’s all about. 



Kissena Labor Day Race

Mark and Jesse made it out to the Kissena Labor Day Track Meet for some good racing! The field was tough and fast. Mark and Jesse shook the races up working together and Mark ended up taking 3rd overall in the omnium after a clutch break in the points race. Congrats to Lester for taking 2nd, and Justin for dominating the field and taking gold! 

Thanks to shop friends Egor and Miki for taking some shots of the boys! And congrats to Egor for winning his first track omnium! 


The Boys at Fixed Gear Classic!

The Deluxe Cycles Racing track boys just spent the weekend up in Minnesota at the NSC Velodrome for their annual Fixed Gear Classic race event to race against the nations top track racers. 

Minnesota has a very unique track with a lot of character. It’s an outdoor wooden 250m that’s been around for about 30 years. Over time some of the wood has rotted, but the community put the time and elbow grease into replacing any spent boards. The banks reach a peak of 43º and are a total blast to race on. 

Mark and BJ took part in the Sprint events, while Jesse raced in the endurance omnium. Mark took 3rd in the match sprints and BJ snagged 6th overall in the Keirins after winning his qualifier. Jesse didn’t place well in his events, but took second in the backward Longest Lap after nearly crashing out into another rider. The racing was extremely high level, and an honor to be a part of. The Endurance omnium filled up to the tracks max capacity of 24 in nearly every race and had multiple huge breaks, defensive chasing, and lots of high caliber tactics. Here are some fun photos from the racing!

People came from all over to be part of it all including San Fransisco, Indiana, and BC Canada! It was a great time getting to make new friends from all over; it really felt like bike racing sleep away camp. 

We’d like to really thank Bob, Linsey, and everyone else from the NSC Velodrome for everything they did for our riders to help them come and race which including helping financially, picking up and dropping off to and from the airport, and providing dorm rooms just 20 meters from the track! Truly an impressive program you guys run and we couldn’t be more humbled to be a part of it. 





Welcome to the Team Nick!

We just picked up a new team member for the Track squad! Nick Baker is a dedicated track racer who moved to Emmaus to pursue his love for track racing. Nick recently upgraded to Category 2 racing and has been hanging in with the pro field at T-Town! 

We’re beyond stoked to have such a devoted, friendly, helpful, and solid addition to the team. We look forward to next season with you, Nick! 

The Deluxe Boys At Track Nationals!

Mark, Evan, and BJ all made it out to Nationals for track racing in LA and had a blast. Evan and BJ got crashed out in some of their races. Check out this video of Evan hitting the wood in his Keirin. 

BJ on the left and Evan on the right after their crashes.

But it’s not all bad news! Evan Took 3rd in the match sprints which landed him with a national medal! Congrats Evan! We’re super proud of you! 

Here are some more racing photos from throughout the week.


And some non-racing photos the boys took from their time in LA! Mark went to Disneyland with his girlfriend, BJ and his wife spent some time with his parents, and Evan got to go surfing and went to the Northwest Porsche Experience to see some sweet cars.