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Masters Track Nats

Wilis recently participated in Masters track nationals and did exceptionally well! Wilis turned 35 this year, which is the year masters starts, so Wilis got to compete in the 35-39 age group which is full of fast, competitive athletes! 

Wilis’ first event was the individual pursuit 3k time trial and took 3rd with a time of 3:58, followed by a 40 lap scratch race the next day where he took 4th. The last day of racing was a brutal 80 lap points race and he podiumed with a 3rd place finish! 

The racing took place at Giordana Velodrome in Rockhill, SC. Giordana is one of the  newest tracks in the US opening in 2012. With 42.5 degree embankment in the turns, and 17 degree embankment in the straights this is definitely one of the fastest tracks in the country. For reference, our own humble Kissena Velodrome has just 19 degree embankment in the turns. 

Photos by Weldon Weaver. The full photo set can be seen here.

Wilis at Masters Nats Track

Wilis went down to the Rockhill Giordana velodrome in SC for masters track cycling nationals! Yesterday was the Individual pursuit event, a 3k of all out enduro suffering with a full track time-trial set up. Wilis popped a 3:58 which landed him on the podium with 3rd place! 

We’re super proud to have him tearing it up at a national level racing event. Way to kill it!

Deluxe Cycles Racing the Midwest Challenge at MTV!

Mark and BJ tore it up at the Major Taylor Velodrome last weekend during the midwest challenge race series! BJ placed third in the Kilo, Mark got 6th, and the two teamed up with Matthew from Star Trak to take on the team sprint and won it! 

A few friends of the shop were there including Matthew and Erin who races for Affinity. Great to see you guys! 

Here’s a video Mark took of BJ taking a match sprint! 

Racing at the Milton Cycling Center

The Deluxe track squad got to race over in Milton this past March. Evan, BJ, Mark, and Wilis all drove up to compete. Coach Gibby was there to provide advice and inspiration. Evan wound up placing third in the Match Sprint finals, and the team took fourth in the Team Pursuit event. 

Keith from the Deluxe road team drove up as well and took some brilliant photos. Thanks for hanging out and capturing the magic, Keith!

Deluxe Cycles Racing Weekend!

This past weekend was full of racing for us. Wilis raced the fixed gear Wards Island Crit and podiumed with 3rd place! Simon, Keith, AC, and Wilis all raced the Harlem Skyscraper Crit, but unfortunately, the pace motorcycle stalled and Keith, Simon, and AC went down- AC took a bad spill that sent him to the hospital. Sending lots of healing vibes your way AC! 

Here are some photos from the Wards Island Crit thanks to @OnTheBlockWithSoho

Red Hook Crit!

Red Hook Crit weekend was a blast. Opening the weekend with the Cadence X Deluxe release party, hosting a speakeasy tattoo day with Dustin on friday, and then racing the crit! Cooper qualified for the mens final, and ending up placing 60th. After getting caught up behind 3 crashes in the qualifier, Wilis didn’t end up making it to the big show for first time ever. In the womens field our racer, friend, and team coach Colleen Gulick won! 

We’re beyond honored to have her wearing our kit in her first Red Hook Crit taking home the gold! The team competed on our custom painted Deluxe X Affinity Rally edition Anthems with our Deluxe carbon track wheels.  The Anthem is one of the stiffest steel frames on the market, and are made by our friends Horse Cycles here in Brooklyn, we’re proud to have our team racing them.

This marking the 10 year anniversary for Red Hook Crit made it extra special. It’s amazing to see how it’s grown so much over the years. RHC started out as somewhat of a birthday celebration race for David Trimble, with no permit, sponsors, or even prizes. Now it’s the biggest fixed gear crit in the world. 

Colleen and her partner Gil Hatton have been coaching the Deluxe track team since late last year; they’ve really helped us develop our training and racing tactics. If you’re looking for a coach, we can’t recommend anyone more than this duo! Check out their website here. Colleen is a national champion track racer, and professional road crit racer and Gil was the first American invited to race Keirin in Japan, an 11-time world champion, and coached the US Olympic track team. 

Special thanks to Kenji Edmonds and Francois Lebeau for letting us use their photos!


L&C 6 Days At Kissena

Last weekend we sponsored the first two days of the Lucarelli & Castaldi 6 Days at Kissena track racing series. We had a neutral support station for everyone in case they needed mechanical help as well as some equipment for sale. 

We also had some of our team come out to race. Wilis raced solo the first day, and then offered neutral support on day 2 while Jesse and Mark raced. We didn’t quite get the results we were looking for, but we felt strong and are looking forward to a great rest of the season. 

We wanted to thank everyone who came out to race, Brean of Pink Rhino Racing and Jason of Affinity Cycles for throwing and hosting the races, Lucarelli and Castaldi for making it happen as the title sponsor, and of course Kenji for shooting all the photos!