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Wilis and Cooper win the Redbull Minidrome!

rbmd from Jesse Shotland on Vimeo.


Wilis and Cooper had a blast at the Redbull Minidrome. Wilis tore apart two of his bikes to build a special minidrome specific bike- the result was this Landshark! Big thanks to Redbull for making it happen. All of our winnings are going straight into funding the upcoming CX season!


Thanks to Rafael Luvecee and Jason Gallagher from Affinity for the footage!

Spring Track day at T-Town

Jesse and Wilis raced track over at T-Town in PA. Aside from the blistering heat, it was a blast. We ran into our buddy AJ over at Harvest Cyclery and got to race with him. There were so many masters they had to split them into separate groups.. It was great getting to see some 30+ years of experience on the track. See ya next week T-Town!