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Wilis’ Stages Power Meter

Wilis just got a Stages power meter and Dura-Ace cranks for his track bike just in time for provincials at the Mattamy Cycling Center velodrome in Milton, Canada. Tijon installed it, so we snapped some shots to show it off. Big shout to Stages for making a quality power meter and getting it here in time!

Here’s the built up gallery! 

Santana Tandem Track

Wilis got his hands on this Santana tandem track and

immediately knew it was destined for a makeover. With an 80’s Miami

Vice theme, Ben Falcon at Horse Cycles couldn’t

have done a better job with the paintwork and design from Will  of Van Zee Sign Co.

Built with a set of Campagnolo Tandem specific components

and wheels, this bike isn’t just a stunner, it’s a pure bred racer.


James’ Stinner E-Tap Road Bike

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James came to

us with a beautiful Stinner frameset he needed built up with some new Sram wireless E-Tap

for his racing. The frame was custom made for E-Tap, with no drilled holes except for brakes calipers.  Needless to say the bike came out stunning and we can’t wait to see James rip through podiums with it.

MASH 10 Year NYC Premiere & Alleycat

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Earlier this year marked 10 years of MASH SF. They’ve been on World Tour for the new film, showing premieres, and hosting alleycat races and messenger games in cities across the world.

Next Stop: NYC

The day before the premiere, an art show was held at Deluxe Cycles.


Stoned Tone came out of a long hiatus of promoting racing to throw an old-school New York style alleycat race. Here he is at Deluxe looking like a young Basquiat


Evan Murphy is all smiles checking out Chas’ hand painted Parallax


After the art show, messenger games were held under the BQE – just like they were almost 10 years ago. Skids, Footdown, Trackstands.



And they’re off!


Jorge on the West Side Highway during the alleycat race

During an alleycat race, there are no rules, and anything can happen. Racers speed down a closed street with a tower crane and construction workers blocking the way. Naturally, racers went under the crane and didnt skip a beat.


Chas on the Queensboro Bridge Roadway



Top 5 for the MASH NYC Alleycat. Young Blood takes the win!


Racers shake hands – respect and appreciation keeps the community alive. Always good vibes after an intense race.


Party Time after the premiere!



Kym with an old-school Rumble Thru the Bronx Prize Bag

Providence Cyclocross

The first weekend in October brings the beginning of fall weather and one of the best cyclocross races of the year: Providence. The course proves to be one of the best year after year, using the unique landscape of the park to their advantage with many technical features, elevation changes, and flyovers.


The race is set in beautiful Roger Williams Park. The expansive park has many beautiful architectural features such as a hall of music, a botanic garden, and more.


Jeremy Powers lines up for the start of the Mens Elite race. Spectators swoon at the stars and stripes of his national jersey.


My money was on Stephen Hyde – I told him this as he lined up for the start of the mens elite race next to Jeremy Powers.

There was a steep run-up feature on the back section of the course. The field was separated rapidly and a battle between Powers and Hyde ensued.


Spectators were sprinting between sections of the course to not miss any part of the action. The crowds at the larger races are devoted fans of the sport.


The No. 22 Broken Arrow. The No. 22 Cyclocross Team made an appearance at the races over the Weekend.


They say dogs look a lot like their owners. Check out the Gallery Below for more photos from the weekend.

End of Summer Saturday at T-Town

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This past weekend was the second to last Saturday race at T-Town. It was a great day of racing, with perfect end of summer sunshine and good moods all around. We had a great weekend of racing with the crew – Jack, Wilis, and Jesse came out to race.

Jack is a 3 on the track in england, but in the US, his category didn’t transfer, so he ended up dominating the 5 field. He’s a monster to begin with so these cats didn’t know what hit him.

Wilis and Jesse both did quite well in the 4’s with a 4th and 5th place in the Omnium respectively.

One of the highlights of T-Town is always the post-race cali-burrito. Choice.

Smooth sailing this weekend other than getting halfway thru new jersey to realize Wilis forgot his shoes! maybe more than a 5 minute warm-up could have helped before racing, but either way, great weekend.