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Weis MFG Shop Visit

We’re extremely excited and humbled to announce that we will be working with Weis Manufacturing in the near future! We recently made a shop visit to cross the T’s and dot the I’s and figured we’d bring the camera and document their workspace. Weis is a small handmade bicycle company based in Brooklyn. Their mission is to challenge the standard and push the bike industry forward all while keeping a modest price tag.  We’re proud to consider them friends and excited to be working with them. More info to come soon!

Miguel’s Fit Experience

A friend of the shop, Miguel got his first professional fit on his No. 22 Broken Arrow. Knowing that Miguel relentlessly rides hundreds of miles a week, Wilis gave him an extensive setup to ensure optimal comfort and performance.

Getting someone comfortable on their bike is of the utmost importance to getting the most out of any riding experience. It allows you to understand what wasn’t working before and addresses what needs to be changed specifically for your body and riding style; ultimately to enjoy riding more and prevent injury.

“I was suffering on the bike, and after the fitting, it really impressed me. I thought it was going to be a loose fitting, but it actually made a huge difference. My bike went from painful to 100% comfortable. I was getting pain after 30 miles before, and now I’m doing 110 miles and want to keep going.” 

“Wilis went over the essentials.  Starting with how I stand up. If my feet are at an angle, and we found out one is longer than the other. I rode for about 20 minutes or so on the trainer and he adjusts as I free-pedaled. We would assess what needed to be done based on a combination of how I looked and what I felt. My saddle height and my reach, testing my flexibility, measuring everything, etc. The whole process took about two hours.”

If you’ve never had a fit before, you don’t know what to look for if you have discomfort or pain. “It gave me a clear sense of what to look for if something is wrong.” How do your feet feel, how is your back, how are your hands doing? Miguel had set up his bike himself and thought things were fine until he started experiencing pain and didn’t know what to do about it. After being fit, he’s feeling comfortable and confident on his bicycle! 

Get in touch by calling or emailing to schedule a fit on your bike today!

Ray’s Specialized P3

Ray is one of Tijon’s best friends, and they go all the way back to childhood. They grew up riding BMX together and discovered other facets of cycling over time. 

Ray stopped by the shop with his tricked out with his Specialized P3 dirt jumper just to say hi, but ended up on an adventure to the local skatepark to get his bike photographed! Thanks for the good times Ray, come by more! 


Rosko Cycles Visit

Jesse had the pleasure of going over to Seth Rosko’s workshop recently and brought his camera to snap some photos of the space.

Seth has been making racing frames for over 20 years and has a humble workspace in Brooklyn where he builds mostly bicycle and motorcycle frames. It was an immense pleasure getting to meet him, and see his workshop. Thanks for welcoming me and my camera! 


LQQK Studio!

We visited our friends at LQQK Studio to pick up our restock of the Casual Hand design tees and hoodies yesterday. Jesse came by and snapped some shots of their work space. From the small crew, the constantly spinning turntable, and the relaxed vibes, these guys have a great thing going and we’re humbled to be working with them.

Red Hook Criterium Brooklyn No.9

Red Hook Crit vibes set off righteously by Will of Van Zee Sign Co. in our shop last week. He’s our go-to guy for all our sign needs. DSCF3010 DSCF3011DSCF3013 DSCF3029 DSCF3031
DSCF3048 DSCF3057

Tak and Kenji
Andrew Low and Stone Tone catching up on old times
Packed house at our Low// Meet and greet event
Hallway Lock ups
Massan and Andrew
Tak and Jason Gallagher of Affinity Cycles

On the Thursday before the Crit we held a meet and greet event for Andrew Low, owner and founder of Low// handmade bicycles. Our biggest event turnout yet, the shop was filled with positive vibes. We provided an open floor space for owners of a Low// frames to showcase their rides and an opportunity to meet the man behind Low//.DSCF3083 DSCF3085 DSCF3091 DSCF3101 DSCF3113 DSCF3117 DSCF3129 DSCF3134 DSCF3135 DSCF3141

Come on in

DSCF3146 DSCF3150








Marc Marino of the Low// Factory Racing team at Red Hook Criterium
Jack Kitching and Deluxe Cycles owner, Willis Johnson exchanging strategy before qualifiers.
Hannah Raymond
Cooper Ray

The Deluxe Cycles team faced obstacles during their time at the Red Hook Criterium. Three of our four team riders managed to qualify but were all affected by the crashes that took place in both the women’s and men’s main race. Hannah Raymond qualified for the main race but was brought down by a crash in the women’s field in the final laps. In the men’s field, Cooper Ray and Willis Johnson were both taken down by the

two crashes that took

place in the main event. Making it difficult to bridge the gap between them and the

leading group. All in all it was a wonderful experience on and off the bike . _DSC1150 _DSC1159 _DSC1163 _DSC1190 _DSC1233
_DSC1291 _DSC1292 _DSC1321 _DSC1416 _DSC1478 _DSC1482 _DSC1486