Cooper’s No. 22 Little Wing

Cooper’s No. 22 Little Wing is probably the most heavily ridden Titanium track bike out there. It’s never seen the velodrome, and is usually catching the waves of the avenues in Manhattan. 22 Bikes are built to last, and this bike is a prime example.

To survive messenger work, high quality components must be used for durability and reliability. Sealed bearings all around, from the Mack/Phil Hubs, Phil Bottom Bracket, and Chris King Headset. Other durable components choices are square tapered Dura-Ace 7600 track cranks with a sugino zen chainring paired with a Phil Cog and HKK chain for a smooth, long lasting drive train. One more additional detail here are the campagnolo pista pedals, with double laminated toshi double straps – a necessity for piece of mind riding in the street on a brakeless track bike.

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