D2R2 in Western Mass

Last weekend Wilis drove out to Western Massachusetts to ride the annual D2R2 gravel event and had the pleasure of Roman, a shop friend also being there. The ride is a brutal 180 km of constant dirt, gravel, and mud with over 12,000 feet of climbing. 

The day started bright and early at 5am with a heavy fog. That’s when Wilis ran into Roman and some other familiar faces at the starting point and they decided to ride together and make it a group effort.  The first half of the ride had huge descents, reaching 50mph on gravel, beautiful foggy views, and a friendly pig crossing the road! Ending after 100k with a half way point meal at the end.


After that, Wilis ran into some unfortunate circumstances. While descending, a rock flew into his eye and scraped his cornea, making things pretty rough. After a bit of riding, Roman happened to find a local boy playing in his front yard and asked for some water for Wilis to wash his eye with.  After some more riding the pain got worse and Wilis had to find a gas station to get more water. After more brutal miles with a scratched cornea, Wilis finished the ride! 


A huge thank you to Roman and everyone else that helped with Wilis’ situation. Comradery is a beautiful thing! 

All photos are by Roman Siromakha and you can see his full photo set and blog post by clicking here.


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