Jesse’s Kalavinka

Jesse just built up a new Kalavinka NJS frame for racing! Hatta swan headset and bottom bracket for smooth running, Nitto post and stem to keep it classy, and a San Marco Concor Light saddle to keep it familiar. Suzue Promax hubs laced 1x in front and 2x in rear to shiny A23s make it a beaut, but what sets this NJS apart from others is that it’s set up tubeless! Can’t forget the blue toshi straps on MKS Sylvain Lite pedals, too!

Wraith Hustle

Brian just built up a new Wraith Hustle road bike! With an Ultegra Di2 groupo this bike ready for some miles! He had to drill out holes for the Di2 wires to route through the frameset to make it work, too. Brian put a personal touch into this bike by including a Lagunitas bottle cap as the headset cap and, literally, shotgun shells for barplugs. Bang.

Quiros Townie painted by Wilis

Wilis just built up this beautiful townie. Handbuilt by Armando Quiros and hand painted by Wilis himself! Suntour Superbe hubs, derailleurs, shifters, and brakes along with Dura Ace headset and seatpost make it a pleasure to ride. The Mavic Starfish cranks with Philwood CHP pedals make it simply a one-and-only. As if the paint job didn’t do that already.

Rossman Townie

This Rossman is the ultimate towny.

A generater hub in the front is connected to a front and rear light via the tubing of the frame! If you’re rolling, the lights are on, but with the flip of a switch you can make them blink even brighter on top of the constant light. That switch is actually the top cap which can be turned; a design by Rossman! Equipped with a brass bell, front rack, Brooks b17 and fenders adds to the comfort and ease of use, but the Ultegra deraileurs are what really set this bike apart from other townies. Throw in some Mafac brake calipers and you’re going for class.