Affinity’s Review of Deluxe Carbon Rims

Jason from Affinity wrote up a nice review of our 80mm track rims laced to the new Phil Wood Pro Track Hubs. Jason mentioned a few key points about our rims that make them what they are. 

These rims are wide! A feature you’re going to start seeing a lot more of in this modern day of racing. It’s scientifically proven (over and over again) that wider rims with wider tires are just simply faster.  We recommend 23c tires on our 23cm wide tubular rims to get a perfect aero profile. 

Something else Jason mentioned is how stiff these rims are. When we designed these rims we wanted a true track ready rim.  As he said, you can pinch the walls of this rim and really feel it’s strength. We wanted something that could handle the burliest sprinter’s 2500w efforts. So naturally, we didn’t even consider low spoke count options; we went straight for 28h.  

Our rims are available in 25, 35, 45, and 55mm depths with 80 available for special order!  

Check out Jason’s original post here

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