L&C 6 Days At Kissena

Last weekend we sponsored the first two days of the Lucarelli & Castaldi 6 Days at Kissena track racing series. We had a neutral support station for everyone in case they needed mechanical help as well as some equipment for sale. 

We also had some of our team come out to race. Wilis raced solo the first day, and then offered neutral support on day 2 while Jesse and Mark raced. We didn’t quite get the results we were looking for, but we felt strong and are looking forward to a great rest of the season. 

We wanted to thank everyone who came out to race, Brean of Pink Rhino Racing and Jason of Affinity Cycles for throwing and hosting the races, Lucarelli and Castaldi for making it happen as the title sponsor, and of course Kenji for shooting all the photos! 

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