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No. 22 Broken Arrow & The Shawangunks

Two weekends were spent in New Paltz just a short ways up the mighty hudson river via original New York Central Lines. Poughkeepsie is accessible by rail from Grand Central Terminal, which puts you within striking distance of the Shawangunk Mountain range: the northernmost, and tallest, section of the appalachain mountains that span the northeast region of the US.


I’ve been coming to new paltz since i was a child. Countless family visits and holidays spent together in hudson valley – and always with the backdrop of Mohonk Mountain and its beacon lit watchtower peak. The ridge jets radically upward as if reaching for the sky, with a straight vertical bedrock face – this is the New Paltz i’ve known all my life.

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The bike was right there with me, every step of the way. The second you commit to something, it’s incredibly reactive. The Broken Arrow provides a new level of confidence and control. The combination of the bicycles geometry, the dampening frequency of titanium as a frame material, and the careful selection of tubes to maximize stiffness, compliance, and efficiency/power transfer create a ride quality that simply wants to follow your every movement and propel you forwards. What would have been nearly impossible, or felt sketchy on other bikes i’ve ridden, was in absolute control on the Broken Arrow. I wouldn’t be writing this if i wasn’t truly impressed.

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Cooper’s No. 22 Little Wing

Cooper’s No. 22 Little Wing is probably the most heavily ridden Titanium track bike out there. It’s never seen the velodrome, and is usually catching the waves of the avenues in Manhattan. 22 Bikes are built to last, and this bike is a prime example.

To survive messenger work, high quality components must be used for durability and reliability. Sealed bearings all around, from the Mack/Phil Hubs, Phil Bottom Bracket, and Chris King Headset. Other durable components choices are square tapered Dura-Ace 7600 track cranks with a sugino zen chainring paired with a Phil Cog and HKK chain for a smooth, long lasting drive train. One more additional detail here are the campagnolo pista pedals, with double laminated toshi double straps – a necessity for piece of mind riding in the street on a brakeless track bike.

Brian Does Custom Fitting

Brian is Serotta certified in proper bicycle fit procedures. If you’re serious about riding – getting fit properly on your bikes is key. From overall comfort on longer rides, to gauging the proper lengths of the bike to your own personal flexibility. A custom fit on the bike provides increased comfort, and helps prevent injury in the long run.

Wilis recently got fit on his road bike and cyclocross bikes by Brian and couldn’t be happier.

Give Deluxe a call if you’re interested in getting fit!