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End of Summer Saturday at T-Town

This past weekend was the second to last Saturday race at T-Town. It was a great day of racing, with perfect end of summer sunshine and good moods all around. We had a great weekend of racing with the crew – Jack, Wilis, and Jesse came out to race.

Jack is a 3 on the track in england, but in the US, his category didn’t transfer, so he ended up dominating the 5 field. He’s a monster to begin with so these cats didn’t know what hit him.

Wilis and Jesse both did quite well in the 4’s with a 4th and 5th place in the Omnium respectively.

One of the highlights of T-Town is always the post-race cali-burrito. Choice.

Smooth sailing this weekend other than getting halfway thru new jersey to realize Wilis forgot his shoes! maybe more than a 5 minute warm-up could have helped before racing, but either way, great weekend.